Yet Another Clamp v1 (YAC)

Project By: theworkshope

clamp tools pvc hdpe oops

Peace of mind like Oops clamps, but made on your CNC!


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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This is a quick project to blend the benefits of the Oops clamps with the reach and ease of use of Incra Build-It clamps. Using a T-Track, I often find the Oops clamps a little fiddly unless I can shim under the rear bolt head. The Incra clamps are wide enough that they straddle the tslot track, and as such can be positioned more easily. They are also a little bit longer, but suffer from being overly tall. This causes some white-knuckle moments when the CNC moves to change tools.

I recommend machining these from nominal 3/4" PVC board, but soft wood or HDPE would likely work just as well. The uploaded *.c2d file does not push the machining speed very hard, so feel free to tune it for your system. It's designed to be simple and use (1) #201 bit. The file will produce (3) tall clamps, and (3) low clamps in < 30 minutes. My material cost was ~$2.15 for all 6.

You provide the t-bolt and t-nut to cap it off. Happy machining!


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