Wooden Clock

Project By: AndyC


The gears, key escapement and pulley shape, and decorative face for a Wooden Clock


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

The design of the gears is the result of studying theoretical mesh, friction during mesh and the free-running requirement of a weight driven clock mechanism. Some backlash is therefore intentionally designed into the gears at the centre-spacing in the design to best support the clock's function.
Ensuring the clock face doesn't warp required making it from grain aligned segments, then flattening and finally shaping and engraving the face.
Many of the (Vectric VCarve) files use macro-values in the cutting paths to calculate depths etc, so look out for these if you vary the stock thickness.


is there any assembly instructions available?


Casper, if you go to Brian Law's Wooden Clocks website, and look for project: Clock 32, you will find the 'generic' notes on what to do, how to assemble etc. I can't reproduce those here without permission. I adapted the design to some degree, but nothing that would fundamentally alter the instructions.


Thanks AndyC

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