Carbide Cannon

Project By: Alice-Coatduck

A foam launching toy for your hobby CNC


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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This project has most of the hardware spec'd out as parametric, you will likely need to change the parameters to suit your hardware! I used a 2mm pin to hold the trigger in place, and M2.6 self tapping screws for everything except bolting the piston head on, where I used an M3 bolt. The spring can be adjusted for what you have available by changing the compressed length and the inner diameter. I used a "Pro26 Turf" spring cut down to 22 coils with a compressed length of 55mm. A similar option would be 9637K26 from Mcmaster. You will also need a few 3mm diameter springs for the catch and trigger mechanisms

Please note, you will also have to change the parameters in each file if you choose to use my CAM recipes
CAM for each of the material types can be found here:

Metal parts:

Polycarbonate Piston Body:

UHMW Assemblies:

Hardwood Grips:


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