LED honda badge

Project By: jwhendy

A wooden Honda badge that is more than it appears! Inside it's gorgeous wooden shell lies an epoxy cavity outfitted with a 12V dome light LED. Replace your stock badge with this, run the lights into the trunk and connect with tail lights, and you have a badge that's gorgeous by day and eye-catching by night.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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I am no CAM master... forgive the probably subpar Fusion file. I modeled each of the pieces in one part, and use different setups to machine them. The two cylinders near the inlay and body are for locating pins I have in my table (0.25in pins, 50mm apart). I also often flip the z origin, putting it on the top face for my initial facing operation, then editing the setup and putting it on the bottom so that I obtain an absolute part thickness for subsequent operations.

Main point: this was a [probably overly] complicated cut/project, and I used the file... but be wary and think through what you're doing before trying to replicate!

As a final note, I see no problem in re-badging one's own car with a badge in the likeness of the original. There is a huge market of these parts, and I have been unable to find documentation of licensing, or indication that they are made by Honda. That said, for my personal safety: I do not endorse selling these, but only making them for one's own entertainment purposes.


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