Baseball Time

Project By: cme82883


A 6ft baseball sign I did for a friend who is battling cancer.


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I have a Shapeoko xxl. I have had it for about 8 months now and I love it. Super user friendly, I learned very quickly from everyone on facewbook groupd and the cutrocket site. I mainly bought the xxl to do larger products and was not very educated when I bought the Shapeoko xxl as I thought it would do larger projects all at once. Was I wrong lol so I tought myslef to I guess people call it tileing? Im not sure, I use carbide create and carbide motion so I kow my design options are limited.

Quick back story on the project, a friend of mine who is sponsored by Louisville Slugger’s softball team was diagnosed with throat cancer. He has been going through radiation treatments and always saw my work I posted on fqcebook. He asked if I could design him a sign and to be creative, so this is what I cam up with. Before anyone says anything, yes I know I have the score in the 9th inning wrong (if you know you know lol) but I designed this sign 60" x 30" he wanted something big and I had never done anything over 30" but I wanted this to be special.

Im not expert and im sure I could have done this an easier way but im new lol So I used a piece of birch cut it 30x30 and did a pocket path with a 1/8 bit I bought on amazon (totally a chinese brand but all i can afford right now lol) I designed the who9le sign in carbide create and split it in half at what I thought was a good non noticable place and did a pocket path 0.180 and it was off. Took about an hour and a haldf per piece, then I just used pocket screws and some glue.

Used dark walnut stain on the pocket path and just a clear coat on the rest. Then sprayed with shellac to seal.

He loved it and brought him to tears. It took me a whole day to do but its because I am still new top bits and selecting the right ones for the job. Also, staining and sealing is a pain in the butt.


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