Parametric US Flag

Project By: cole


This is a parametric US flag in Fusion360 that can be adjusted to any size. It conforms to the US flag specification.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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This is a Fusion 360 model of the US flag that is fully parametric and conforms to the US flag specification. You can adjust to any size you want (based on the stripe width). I built my flags by cutting 2x4s approximately into 3rds for the stripes (after trimming some waste). The union was cut from a 2x12 and was the only part made on the CNC. I cut and stained all the parts, cut the stars on the Shapeoko, then glued everything together. Of course you can carve it all out on the CNC if you'd rather.

In order to change the size, switch to the Design workspace in Fusion 360, and click Modify->Change Parameters. The only parameter you need to change is "stripeWidth", the remainder are computed from it and will update automatically.

The CAM for cutting the stars is included in the file. Switch over to the Manufacturing workspace. I also used the CNC to trim the union to size, but that's not necessary.


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