Adirondack Chair

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Used my XL to help build an Adirondack chair. First attempt at one of these. Modified a Woodsmith shop plan to fit the curved back leg on the XL. Original leg was 36”, tweaked to fit in 32”. Also cut the arms and back brace with slots for the back slats.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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The original plans can be downloaded from Woodsmith shop. I only provided the parts and directions for the modified pieces to fit on the XL. Rest of plan is still needed to build full chair. Original Plans

See picture with more details on plan modification to fit XL

Carbide Create Files:

  1. Back Leg (Plan item A)
  2. Back Leg Mirror (Plan item A)
  3. Lower Back Brace (Plan item F)
  4. Arm (not mirrored since I did not add pilot holes) (Plan item K)

    Rest of parts are built to the original Woodsmith Shop plans (see link above)

    (Plan Item A) Back Leg cut to 31.5" instead of 35.25". Overall angles are the same, height of overall chair reduced by 1.5" per original plan

    (Plan Item B) Cut front leg to 20.5 instead of 22". This does make seat about 1.5" lower to the ground and for us it was a nice relaxing height in the chair. Note: increase the height and still fit the back leg on the Xl, need to play with all the angles.

    (Plan Item F) Lower Back Brace Cut to 21" instead of 20.75". Legs are notched 1/8" to allow easier joining of brace. On Back brace, review pilot holes. I varied the plan and added these to the brace to make assembly easier. Also add slots in brace to allow easier alignment for back slats. Slots should face back of chair. I actually installed backward on my prototype but still worked with some tweaks to the seat slats.

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