Dewalt Zero Clearance Throat Plate

Project By: Rgodiciu


Dewalt Throat Plate for a 7491 but my guess it would work with all the Dewalt table saws.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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I used 1/2 in (.476") Baltic Birch. 1/8 down cut, 1/8th ball end mil, and 1/8 45 deg chamfer bit. This uses the stock throat plate hardware including the locking latch. Some adjustments to the tabs maybe required for proper fitment. Use C/A glue to fortify the screw holes.


hey, i'm super interested in making a few of these for my dewalt table saw. I see in the notes you stated you used a 45 chamfer bit. Which one did you use? I'm so glad to have found this, there are super limited options for zero clearance on this particular saw due to the locking mechanism. Also, when you say CA glue to fortify the screw holes, do you mean just use a layer of it to harden it? Thank you!

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