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Project By: Jmcwoodworking

falcons atlanta atlantafalcons logos

This is self explanatory. Its an Atlanta Falcons logo made on the Shapeoko3. Please note this only makes one logo.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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Nothing special to consider. Just be sure to enable/disable the tool paths as you progress. In addition, I used Ora Mask and painted each individual section, let it dry, peeled off the mask and then applied mask over the entire piece then cut and painted the next section and so on. Any questions let me know.


I have started making some sports logo signs myself, but finding it difficult to spray paint them or paint them and make them look good. Your ATL Falcon signs look excellent. How did you paint them? Did you spray paint the wood Black first and then do the white and red colors later ???

Thanks. Yes, I painted the entire blank black first. I then covered it with OraMask 813. Then I cut the red sections, sprayed them red with oramask still on. Let that dry, remove the oramask and then recover the entire thing with oramask. Cut the white pieces, paint them white and cut the profile and you're done. Works very well. Just be sure to let the paint dry very well before removing oramask. Hope that helps. Any other questions, let me know.

Can we assume you endmill choices are down-cut or compression bits using the OraMask?

Yes. Downcut end mills and 60 degree see bit

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