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I've designed my own take on a 2x2 supplemental spoil board.
I needed more holes than in the Myers wasteboard and wanted to have a simple 4 piece design.
Here is an interlaced 2x2 pattern with 4 quadrant design. It uses threaded screw-in inserts.
You'll need to cut this 4 times for a complete spoil board for the XXL.
I'm using these inserts:


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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For a full size XXL, you'll need to make this 4 times.
There are 5 mounting grooves allowing you to secure the spoil board to the bed of your machine.
There are 3 carving groups within the design file...

  • first is for carving the insert holes. I use a down-cut bit for the first to carves, with an up-cut when going through the board.
  • second is for carving the top of the spoil board and carve out the 5 mounting grooves.
  • third only needs to be done to the front right quadrant and cuts out a spot for the bit-setter to sit in the correct place.

    Later I'll add an additional file for lasering a grid onto the top of your spoil board after surfacing.

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