Shapeoko XXL Wasteboard

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workholding tools wasteboard

Shapeoko 3 supplemental wasteboard to be used with threaded inserts.

The wasteboard dimensions are 32.5in wide x 30.00in tall - 3/4" material thickness is recommended, but 5/8" material thickness is the minimum.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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Open this file in Carbide Create (v420 or higher required).

The grid is set to 4" x 4" (with offsets on the bottom and sides to center the hole pattern). You can use this default grid, or if you are looking for something a little less dense, feel free to delete entire rows or columns of holes through the editor.

Toolpaths applied to the design file are for the holes only. It is suggested you pre-cut the piece of MDF to the dimensions shown, then take the time to horizontally center the board on your machine when placing it all the way to the front edge (touching the front plate).

Threaded inserts (and hex driver) are available through the Carbide 3D store:


Downloaded this file and I am having an issue with the hole depths. When the file is run it cuts the 1st hole almost to complete depth. All other holes are about a 1/8 to a 1/4. Inch. I set the machine x, y, z with the probe. I ran the file multiple times, saved different versions etc. The machine cuts exactly in the same spot every time just the depth is off.

Assuming you have confirmed that all the holes are showing the same depth of cut in carbide motion? It sounds more like a Z axes issue belt tensioning screw issue which I recommend a little lock tight. There's a handful of pretty easy possibilities though that are all very easy to deal with. To get help though I recommend heading over to the Carbide Forum or reaching out to the Carbide Support Team for the fastest results. Cheers!


Thank you for the input. It was the belt tension.


"Stock width is too big for your machine" Carbide Create will not allow you to go beyond 32 inches in either dimension for XXL. (Using build 464)

You can set the dimensions to 32x32 but let the design overhang - the entire thing will still be cut (i.e. it will not stop cutting at 32")

Just bought my shapeoko and this will be my first project. Quick question - when screwing in the threaded inserts, do you need to make sure they are inset just below the wasteboard surface slightly, so the bit never hits them while cutting? If so, is there a need to do a countersink on each hole, or will the threaded inserts easily screw past the surface? Thanks!

Also, for a 3/4” MDF board, is a 15mm threaded insert too long or will it work?


This is great, but when I cut a 5/8" MDF board, I must change the Toolpath's max depth to .64" --> which does something truly odd, where the tool path inverts around the pocket geometry so that the only thing left after 36hrs of milling would be posts where the holes should have been. Solution: Go to design, select all elements, ungroup selection, delete boundary curve. Somehow, this software thought the outline of the stock was an important contour. so it wanted to pocket the whole board. Not quite clear to me how carbide create selects profiles in the toolpathing... if there is a better work around that doesn't include deleting design elements would like to know. Otherwise, will be sticking to Fusion 360 for future work.

How did you secure this to the original wasteboard?

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