Heart Shaped Box

Project By: jeclark

box heart valentines wood

This is a basic heart shaped box.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

This is a heart shaped box. I generally cut these from cedar and finish with mineral oil. This gives them a nice color and retains the lovely cedar smell. Adding a V-carved name to the top makes a nice gift. The file is from a video tutorial that also covers getting the top centered for v-carving.


In your youtube video you have the following toolpaths 1) top lip, 2) bottom lip, 3) pockets, 4) cutout. since you use the same outside profile for both lips in this program, the bottom is created with a .65mm lip (paper thin) and the top has a 1.88 mm lip creating a lot of slop between the two. your video shows cutting the top lip contour = inside left and your bottom lip contour = outside right. can you update the attached program to show these changes? Mike Thomas

for some reason this didnt cut out the top lip. I dont know what I did wrong.

Thank you for the great file and video. I made my mom the heart box for her birthday.


Glad you like it.

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