Lizard Box

Project By: jeclark

box wood vcarve

A simple box with a lizard top. Design files are from a YouTube tutorial I made on boxes and includes v-carving the top.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

These are the project fields from my video tutorial in my box making series for Shapeoko. The video focuses on finding SVG designs and getting them centered consistently on boxes. The files include both the box design and the top V-Carve design.
PLEASE NOTE: There is an error in the depth of cut for the lower lip of the box. The max depth should be .2 or slightly less (.19). If I can figure out how to replace the files I will.


Tried to make this twice but the lip ends up being stripped off by the 1/4 inch bit. Might try making the lip thicker.


The lip should be about .2 inches thick. Are you seeing something different in your carves? Also curious, what kind of wood?


I used oak and just went with your files. Tried twice. I'm not wondering if my z is ever so slightly tilted one way or another and that is causing it. I tried to use a gauge and it appears to be straight, but I can't understand why it would do that. Really want to get this down as it is such a simple cut but so useful for so many kinds of gifts. I'll go back and watch your videos again and try again with some plywood scraps. Thanks for all your videos and guides, really helpful stuff.


I am glad you enjoy them. One of the things I found when I first got my machine, was that I didn't tighten the wheels on the z-axis enough and it would wiggle when it cut. if you can grab the bit and wiggle the z axis (front to back), they definitely need to be tightened. Hope this helps.


Those are all tight and I check them frequently. I learned the hard way after one was loose and I ruined a nice piece of walnut. I need to watch a couple of tramming videos and see if I can get it straightened out. I usually make big stuff where being a few hundredths out doesn't matter (names, signs, guitars, etc.). You would think after all that I could figure out a box lol. I did get one made out of a plywood scrap after making the lips a little wider and slowing way down, although there was a big gap between the top and bottom. Upon re-watching your video I noticed one lip is .20 and the other should be .21. In the file here the .2 is there, but the other is at .384 (which I believe is CC's default depth). Not a big deal since I was using scrap, but you might want to update the file or put a note in there to have folks change it. Thanks again for your box designs...I'm going to try all of them as they are great learning projects and actually very useful, unlike some other tutorial files!


You are correct on the box lip depth. That darn default has bitten me more than once. If I see a value, I assume I set it. Sigh. I have added a note since I don't see any way to replace the files.

Hi John, I just created 2 of these boxes for X-mas presents. I made the one correction you posted and also slightly enlarged the top lip cut out. (by .005 in both dimensions) Works well. I used a hard maple and needed to slow down the feed rate and reduce the depth of cut some. I'd post a picture here, but I don't see how I can.... Thanks for the design and ideas, and the youtube stuff. It has helped me get started.


Glad you like them. Thanks Steve!

Hi John, I just made one of your boxes out of red wood. Cut out very nice. I did read about the lip being too deep, but cut it anyway--oh my. My stock was 1" thick, so I added .25" to the pocket cuts, and trimmed the lip shorter when I put in the holding fixture to cut the top. Thank you--Pete


Thanks Pete!

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