Laptop Articulating Arm

Project By: Cwalters

storage organization laptop stand arm

A bench mounted laptop stand

*Do not rely on my feeds/speeds, totally new to CNC work*


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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(3) 1/4-20 bolt 3" long
(3) 1/4" aluminum pins cut out of aluminum rod 3" long
(3) plastic turn knobs 1/4-20 thread

Do not rely on my feeds/speeds, totally new to CNC work


Im considering making this. Can someone explain what the 1/4'' aluminum pins are for???

They are to lock each leg into the desired position of rotation

I have bougt some 1/2 inch plywood and getting ready to make this. What size was your laptop? I am needing to take into consideration my laptop size and weight.

I believe it’s a 15”

I think there are some missing pieces or something. In your pics it looks like there is another part that is sandwiched in between the arms. Maybe one of the circles was intended for this but does not have the hole drilled for it? Maybe I am misunderstanding the assembly.

Nevermind. Lack of sleep had me not seeing what was obvious. Sorry!! Thanks again for this design!!!


What did you discover? I'm still seeing missing parts.

Just some information on my cut of this. I ran the #102 1/8 bit with CM using A DOC of .065, Feed 80 and Plunge of 25. Cut nicely in 1/2 inch ACX plywood (5 ply)

of all things I can not get the project to download, it comes up blank for me is there anything I can do thank you?


Just cut this out. Guess I wasn't supposed to cut out the rectangle on the tray?

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