Small Step Stool

Project By: goslin23


A little step stool I designed for my 1st XXL project. Cut from a 24" x 24" 3/4 in. piece of Baltic birch plywood.


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This was designed in Carbide Create for 3/4 in plywood. All it needs is a little wood glue to hold it together.

The text is a separate V-carve tool path and can be disabled for a plain top or changed to text of your liking.

The dog ear pockets are for 1/2 deep slots. You will have to square off the tabs so the pieces fit together flush.


This is a great first project! Did you overcut those inside corners in the design or after the fact manually?

Thanks, it took a couple iterations to get everything to look/work correct without a lot of extra steps after machining. I added dog ears for the mortise pockets on the top and legs (they are not showing on the sketch above for some reason) on the tenons of the stretcher and legs I just squared them off with a sharp chisel. (I think I got my wood joint terminology correct). Just some wood glue and clamps is all you need to secure them. You probably want to measure the thickness of the ply for this project and adjust the dimensions to make the fit a little tighter. -=gos=-

What font did you use?

Georgia Regular

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