Yoda Wood Relief

Project By: mjmike6988

shapeoko yoda firstcut easy beginner 111ballmill signs starwars carbidecreate

A simple Yoda relief sign


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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First ready to cut file is ready for you to add your end mill sizes and run project.

Second is just a simple #111 .0625 ball mill used for all cuts. Takes a bit of time but, speeds are in check and nothing crazy will happen.

If it asks you to change bit and you don't have that size. Project will cut fine just leaving #111 in the entire time


Looks great! Will try cutting it tomorrow. Do you have any other Star Wars designs?

That was just one I pulled off google really quick. Been doing a lot of programming this week for Mothers Day. The cut speeds are extremely conservative, but given this was just my first test cut and forgot to order any flat end mills. Didn't have any issues while running. Let me know how it goes.

Not sure if you've seen these, but if you are looking for more star wars projects /'u/commonweathcreations has a coaster set. https://cutrocket.com/p/5c17bb372c0e2/

This is a great project! How do you plan to finish the piece? Epoxy fill, spray and sand, something else maybe? Would appreciate seeing more pictures on the project page if you do!

I did a quick spray and stain, but plan on doing another that is epoxy filled. Will update in the next week,


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