Shapeoko 3 XXL Wasteboard

Project By: glafebe6

xxl wasteboard machinemodification

add hold down bolt pattern to shapeoko 3 XXL wateboard


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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I have seen a few other versions of adding inserts to the Shapeoko 3 and 3 XL not for the XXL> Cutting into the waste board takes some careful measurements. the holes are positioned to avoid the screws. i cut mine about .010 shallow and drilled out the last .010 afterwards before installing the inserts. I also recommend running the program without cutting first to look for any collisions


New here. Can you explain the reason for Tool path 2? Thanks.

One tool path is for the through hole the other is for the counterbore


Ah... thanks.


So the screw inserts. What size will screw or bolt will be used for this. I have rails now not the inserts

M6 screws

Okay... I am so confused that I am literally in tears. I am obviously completely new at all of this. I have a few questions. When I download this file, will I need to set the tool paths myself? Or will they automatically show up? Also. I have my MDF 3/4" thick that I purchased from HomeDepot. Should I use the MDF boards that came with it as the permanent boards or the one that I just purchased. If I use the aftermarket MDF, will I need to square my machine again? Because I am not up to that, as the launguage used in every single thing I read is very hard to understand at the moment. EVERYTHING is confusing. Okay, now when you say that you drilled the holes about .010 inches or mm down with the machine, and then you drilled them the rest of the way. What exactly does that mean?You drilled them by hand? If so, using what with what type of bit? Another question, if I know how thick my MDF aftermarket is, then why would I need to run the program first without the MDF board that I will be drilling into not on the machine to be sure I am not running into hardware that is holding the stock MDF into place? Last.. but definately not least, After I drill holes, and insert the threaded insert will my new wasteboard be with counter sunk holes facing up or down? I am so sorry and completely understand if that is too much to ask. But I am very lost. AND I WILL BE SO APPRECIATIVE OF YOUR HELP!!! I have been trying for a week now to find someone to pay them for their time to come and give me lessons. There are a ton of people in my area that own one but nobody has accepted my offer yet. THANKYOU

Full steam Designs has very clear videos on youtube. Hes' very easy to follow

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