Shapeoko 3 XL Wasteboard

Project By: stu4371

xl shapeoko wasteboard

Shapeoko 3 XL Wasteboard. Designed for the stock MDF that comes with your Shapeoko 3 XL.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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Simple wasteboard designed for the stock MDF provided with your Shapeoko 3 XL. For my implementation, I removed the wasteboard, flipped it over, ran the operation, installed my threaded inserts, flipped it back over and reinstalled to the Shapeoko. The flange on the threaded insert installed from underneath the wasteboard provides a little more strength to your holds.

The layout is also designed to avoid any of the bolts used in mounting the MDF to the Shapeoko frame.

One note of caution. Be sure to measure the thickness of your wasteboard exactly and set the depth for your hole slightly short so you don't hit your support straps.


Great looking project! Where did you zero the machine prior to running the job? I see the origin is in the center of the design, but is the cutter in the center of the wasteboard - as in measure and mark prior to cutting, or did you use the center rapid position location?


Thanks! Center for the project is not the same as center for the rapid position location. Yes, the X location is the same, but the Y location is exactly eight inches from the front of the wasteboard. Hope that helps!

oh man, cutting into your original wasteboard. You're playing a dangerous game here my friend :P


Maybe... But for now, I'm ok with that. Just curious, but what do you see as the potential risks vs. having an additional supplemental wasteboard on top of the stock board?

This is awesome. Would you please describe the type of inserts used (size, brand, etc). Would this work with inserts like E-Z LOK 901420-13 (13 mm length, internal thread 1/4-20, drill: 9mm)?


Yes, those are exactly the ones I used. Purchased from Amazon.

This is a great design! Hopefully you can help me with something, the 2mm pocket cuts fine, but when it goes to cut the hole it doesn’t go deep enough. The machine begins making the circular pattern, for the hole, about .5” above the board. Have you seen anyone have an issue like this?


Thanks for your feedback! I haven't seen any issues like this for this particular design, but I have noticed on occasion that my Shapeoko can be temperamental with setting the correct Z height for zero. Before each new carving operation, I clear the offsets from the previous job, set news zeros for X, Y and Z for my new project and then double check them using the "Rapid Position to..." function in Carbide Motion. This seems to give me the most consistent results with accurate Z placement. Hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply. Shortly before your response, I realized this was "operator error". It was a simple fix, my machine was bottoming out on the Z axis. The bit was set too deep into the router.

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