Nuka Cola Bottle Cap Coaster

Project By: TheSlowBrownFox

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Nuka Cola bottle cap coasters from fallout


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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I cut mine out of maple, then finished with stain and mineral oil. If you have a V bit deep enough to cut to depth then you MUST use tape or another method to hold from below, tabs with NOT work if you cut all the way with a v bit. Id appreciate if you add my web address to the back but realize this adds complexity that some may not be up to, its up to you :)

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any questions feel free to contact me at or on Instagram @sbfmakes


Love the design! FYI, there appears to be no toolpath for the "Nuka" and the swish on the downloaded file. Thank you!

Thanks for the heads up. Im showing everything when I download the file, what version of create are you using?

I also show no toolpath for these two parts... When I try to create the paths using the same bit you have selected, I can't even generate my own. I have the latest build of Carbide Create.

It looks like there are some open contours in the design when opened in the latest Carbide Create. Open contours are shown in a purple/pink color - so they're pretty easy to spot. The problem with open contours is you can only use the engrave (on the line, no-offset) toolpath. If you use the node editing tool, you can grab the last point in an open contour then drag it close to the first point and CC will automatically close the path. You can see when it is closed because the path color will turn to black. once all the paths are closed, the original toolpaths will be applied to the design and you can cut it as is!

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