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This is 2 versions of the same opener. One is to fit over the top of the opener while the other will hold the opener inside.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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There was a previous version of this project posted. I tried to make it, but it didn't fit the metal opener correctly. A link to the openers I used:

I would suggest using epoxy to affix these to the opener. CA glue might hold, but I would be sure to get it on the edges to hold tight.

One file will fit on the top of the openers while the 2nd file will hold the opener inside. The file that sits on top of the openers is pretty basic. You can adjust the text as you see fit. The toolpath is set for a 1/16" bit and to do a slight recess.

The insert file cannot be personalized unless you cut the name all the way through. This will show the name with the metal in the background or you could do an epoxy fill. These cut files will require 2 bit changes is you want to do it this way. You could do it with one 1/16" bit, but of course it will take a while to do the recess with this bit. NOTE: The toolpath for the recess is done with a 1/4" bit, but this wasn't big enough for the opener so I came back with a 1/8" cut with no offset. This allowed just a little play in the opening. I'm not sure if using a 1/16" bit would be a perfect fit or just a bit too snug.


Does anyone have this file already built in Aspire?

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