Maple property map with cherry inlay

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inlay-vcarve inlay vcarve

Used a property map image and traced it to build border. Ended up using vcarve desktop to build after having issues with inlay offsets in create. Turned out decent, but feeds were too fast, need to slow it down by 50% I think.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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Attempted initially in Carbide Create. Looked at using a 1/32 square endmill for the words, but really struggled with how to get the radius of the bit covered without manually editing too many corners.

After much reading and contemplating my wallet, I elected to purchase Vcarve desktop. Shortly after, I realized that I would rather do a vcarve inlay than an endmill inlay to provide finer details. Given this, it may be possible to accomplish using similar technique in Create. I have no regrets on Vcarve dekstop though as it is great software and provides many great features and options beyond Create at this time (not dig on Create, its what I started with and I'm partial to, but I think my preference is try using Create, if I need more go to Vcarve desktop and if I still can't get it, fumble through my trial on Fusion 360)

*one thing I learned fromthis cut was the feed rate was too fast and the cherry would chip in certain places as a result. I was in a hurry as this was an xmas gift for someone, usually I check my feeds and speed calculator before cutting. Dang... Next time!


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