Setup Sheet

Project Title: Rubberband Gun (4 shot semi-auto)
Designer: RDPowell2
Project Source: Carbide Create
Project udpated: 05/02/2019

This project contains Vectric files. To find out more about vectric, click here


Required Cutters

1. I have included the original PDF for the scrollsaw version of the rubberband gun. You will need to assemble the gun using the instructions in this PDF.

2. The VCarve file consists of all the layout of 3 sheets of parts corresponding to page numbers in the PDF. The toolpaths are for cutting the parts using a 1/8" Endmill and a Vcarve path for each page to label the part numbers on the sheet.

3. I have included gcode for cutting each of the 3 12x12 1/8" baltic birch plywood pieces. I have not included gcode to do the part numbers, these only cut the parts that can be compared with the corresponding part number in the PDF. If you do not have VCarve or Aspire you can simply run these gcode files to cut the parts.

4. I secured my plywood to the spoil board with the painters tape and super glue method.

5. I used 1/8" brass rod, purchased at Lowes, cut to the appropriate length where it calls for the dowel rods. The holes that are cut in the parts fit exactly when using the rod.

Project Images