D&D Dice Box

Project By: Youltar

dungeons dragons dice box

Materials needed
1/4" Endmill
Piece of wood for top and bottom of box
magnets 1/4" in diameter
(optional) felt for tray

Design Info



    Notes from the author about this project.

    I've put my svg here as well.

    pocket cuts
    Lid at depth of .45 inch.
    Magnet holes are .9 inch deep because the magnets I have are .1 inch thick. You
    may have to adjust this if you have different magnets ( or not at all if you want to
    install a hinge and hasp.)
    Dice pockets, I cut those .4 inch deep. This leaves just enough dice above the
    wood so they can be handled.
    Pencil pocket is a depth of .2 and should accommodate a mechanical pencil if
    Then profile cut to depth both pieces.

    I used a laser engraver to engrave the name on lid and cut piece of felt.

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