A Sirius Puzzle

Project By: CarbideMeg

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A wooden puzzle with great places for inlays.

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    A Sirius Puzzle

    Shout out to Craftsmanspace for providing the plans for this puzzle.

    For this project I relied on the Vice and a custom milled jig for work holding. Fort the two larger pieces I milled a little more than halfway in the vice before flipping and placing into the custom jig. All of the parts in Carbide Create will line up with the toolpath zero by using the center point on each set of toolpaths.

    1. Surface the block.
    2. Mill the Bottom side of the two larger pieces.
    3. Mill the Bottom Jig.
    4. Mill the Top side separating out the corner paths if needed.

    I used a few sweeps of sandpaper on the jig to allow for an easier fit.

    The middle pieces don’t require any flipping and can be milled all at once or in groups depending on the size of material used.

    I suggest adding tabs when making the final outside cuts for each piece.

    The model for the stand can be found on Thingiverse. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2020218

    Cutters used:

    #102 1/8th end mill
    DPP: .035”
    Feed: 60”
    Plunge: 18”
    RPM: 10,000

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