Stainless Steel Tag

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carbidecreate nomad stainlesssteel tag metal carbide-create

Stainless steel tags from scratch.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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I used this file to test both machines on milling both 304 and 316 stainless steel. The picture shows the depth milled to .018”, but I also milled it to .01” which also looks nice and is the depth set in Carbide Create. There is plenty of room to play.

Note: I uploaded the file in two versions of Carbide Create. CarbideForLife_SS_CC313.c2d is the older version for those of you who have not updated to the version that contains groups. CarbideForLife_SS.c2d is the newer version running in beta(currently 316).

Tool: #501 60° PCB Carbide Endmill

Cut using these settings:
Depth Per Pass: .003”
Feed 1.8”
Plunge .25”
RPM: 9,000

Tool: #112-Z ZrN Coated Carbide Endmill

Cut using these settings:
Depth Per Pass: .003”
Feed 8”
Plunge 1”
RPM: 9,000

I attached the steel to a piece of acrylic using double sided tape and created a small wall for coolant using polymer clay. I’ve experimented with a few different types of coolant and use this one frequently.


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