Book Series: Hearts

Project By: CarbideMeg

bookmarks nomad heart copper metal

Heart bookmarks for the books you love.


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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Book Series

I used jeweler’s wax to dampen the noise. Not necessary but I had some lying around from working with Rio Grande.

It’s a great product and popular with jewelers who want to mill wax pieces to be cast.

Simple HEART

110 Copper .012” Thick copper sheet

Detailed Heart

.016 copper sheets

Tool: #122 1/32” Carbide endmill

Cut using these settings:
Depth Per Pass: .002"
Feed 5”
Plunge 1"
RPM: 10,000


Great project. How do you hold down the copper plate for the through cutting? Double sided tape?

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