Finger Groove Jig

Project By: CommonwealthCreations

jig cuttingboard wood

Simplify the way you cut finger grooves into the end of your cutting boards.

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    Notes from the author about this project.

    I made my jig using 3/4" birch plywood but you could very well make it from 3/4" MDF. If you look at the tool paths in the C2D file, it's a rather simple design. If you don't have a 45 degree bit, you could also use a 60 degree.

    The hardware that I used was purchased from Amazon. I used the Powertec 71068 T-Track Knobs with 1/4-20 by 1-1/2" Bolts and Washers(Set of 10). You'll have hardware leftover, since it's a set of 10. I got mine for $9.99. Here's the link to the item:

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