Electronics Switch Box

Project By: Mr*Beaver


A switch box to use with the shapeoko


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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It has 5 switches, 3 buttons and 8 LED’s.

Switch 1: Control Board Power
Switch 2: Motor power
Switch 3: Spindle/Pump
Switch 4: Dust extraction
Switch 5: 15w lazer

Button 1: Play or go
Button 2: Pause/stop
Button 3: Reset board


Awesome! The idea of folding aluminium sheet (I presume) and the symbols cut-outs behind which you could place a bit of diffuser and wire in LED's with a simple resistor is excellent! This would look great on the outside of my enclosure (which is wrapped in gloss white vinyl). I just have to decide how exactly I will gut the DeWalt spindle I have to extend on/off, and route cabling. Thanks for sharing.


coudl you please share how to wire this?

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