Textured Catch Tray

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Classic catch tray with a twist. Leftover toolpath texture leaves a great surface for quickly grabbing items.


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Simple catch tray with added texture generated by wide toolpath stepovers. The texture at the bottom provides a nice surface for picking up objects that would otherwise lay flat. (eg: picking up playing cards on a flat slippery table)


This project is awesome! Did you use a ballnose endmill to create the textures or was it square?

Thanks! I used a ballnose endmill to create the texture effect made possible by a chunky stepover. A light pass with some 80 grit sandpaper over the ridges knocks down any "sharp" edges.


Nice project, I've made something similar. That looks like a large ball nose mill, what size was it? CutRocket doesn't currently include that information, showing "generic cutter" for a lot of stuff that isn't a preset tool.

Thanks for asking! I should have included that info... It's a 3/4" ballnose bit (1/4" shank). I actually just used a cheap one (not carbide tipped) from a local hardware store.


Cool. I'm reticent to buy anything but carbide at the moment, but I really should just buy a cheap router bit set from my local timber merchant. They're pretty reasonably priced in a nice case, so what's the harm?

Awesome Project! In a bit of a time crunch for Father's Day, I picked up a cutting board from Ikea and ran this tool path. I changed the tool to the standard issue 1/4 end mill that came with my Shapeoko3. An additional box around the outside with a radius on the corners allowed for all cuts to be made on the cnc. Thanks again for posting this project!

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