Setup Sheet

Project Title: Be Beautiful Peacock
Designer: Chipperoni
Project Source: Carbide Create
Project udpated: 10/11/2018


Just a nice project that really shows off a V Carve well. This is a good project to use Oramask on as it's a lot of detail painting without it (which is what my wife did before we discovered Oramask!) The design is set for 15.8x15.8 but can be modified to fit your needs. Unfortunately, I've lost track of the font I originally used so it will show up in Arial. You'll have to adjust to a font you'd prefer. I suggest using the site It's a great way search all the fonts on your computer with a sample text all in one place. Happy carving!

Required Cutters

{loop cutters}
Number: {tool_num}
Name: {tool_name}
Angle: {tool_angle}°
Corner Radius: {tool_radius}
Diameter: {tool_diameter} mm
Flutes: {tool_flutes}
Length: {tool_length} mm
OAL: {tool_oal} mm
{end loop}
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Material Details

Type Length Width Thickness Origin


Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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