Gears Gears Gears

Project By: CarbideMeg

gears aluminum brass delrin steel nomad

Milling gears on the Nomad Pro.

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    Notes from the author about this project.

    Approximate Milling Times:
    Brass: 30 minutes
    Aluminum: 45 minutes
    Stainless steel: 6 hours (with coolant) I had to try :)

    I had one .0313" end mill to use for this project. The feed rates are conservative but reasonable. Feel free to experiment on your own.

    When milling the steel, I used a little hot glue to form a wall. I much prefer to build a taller wall using modeling clay. (less mess!)

    Cutting fluid used:

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    Obviously you have pictures of the stainless parts so they were cut successfully. I am curious if you ran into any issues with those cuts or just had to cut really slow? Did your bit survive?

    I cut very slowly. Six hours slow. At one point a shaving lodged itself in front of the cutter and broke the tip. If you look closely at the image there a slight variation in the profile. About a .006" difference. As that was my last .0312" cutter I programmed Carbide Create to finish the job, but forgot to change the cutter parameters to the new .020" endmill I used. So close to cutting them all with one endmill!

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