Caddy Tote Organizer

Project By: edwardrford

organizer storage singlesheetproject balticbirch

This caddy organizer is made from a single sheet of baltic birch. Uses include office storage, bottles, kitchen utensils and plates, and anything else you want to keep organized.


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Designed with slot and tab joinery, you'll need Carbide Create to open and export this project, along with a sheet of 12mm Baltic Birch plywood.

Only 1 size cutter is required (1/4" square endmill) along with a drop of 1" dowel to use for the handle.

With everything cut out, apply some glue to each of the mating faces (including the pockets which hold the dowel in place) then apply clamps and let dry.

After the glue dried and a little cleanup was done, I wiped the whole thing down with butcher block oil to give it a little shine and make the grain pop.


Well, I love the looks of this and was hoping for it to be my first project because it is single sheet and one cutter. Problem is that I cannot edit the downloads file and there is 2 lines slightly crooked and missing on the bottom of end pieces. We are planning on buying our CNC for an X-Mas present before New Year. I am just trying to learn the software right now. Ken

OK, I whined too soon, just figured out how to Export SVG, start over from scratch setting all parameters. this will be a bit to learn. It appears that the software can be a bit glitchy but closing and reopening allows things to progress. We are excited and looking forward to getting our hands on the tool and start creating. Would still be cool to get the fixed file though! :-)

Hi Edward: I really like this project but I don't think its in my skill set to fix the problems with the end pieces. The viewer above shows that the bottom of the end pieces is intact, but when you download the C2D file, it is missing and "weird"... I tried to edit that particular vector but it pop up the edit tool to do so. Is there any chance you could fix the master and re-upload? Thanks again for sharing your files! Jeff

Jeff, not sure if I fixed it correctly. I'm in the middle of painting my last project so, couldn't cut it. But, take a look at this project it should work.

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