Tripod lamp

Project By: eciramella

carbidecreate lamp constructionlines

Tapered leg, tripod style lamp

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    Notes from the author about this project.

    This project will result in a tapered leg, tripod style lamp. The top part may need additional fiddling based on how thick your stock is that you cut the spacers from (both the middle spacer and each "P" spacer found in the top project file. These didn't NEED to be different projects, but it worked well this way for me and the stock I had on hand. If you look at this project (and watch the linked video), it should help you understand how to scribe holes or markings from one part to another, create a tapered shape, and use construction lines. Keep in mind, in the pictures I show, I do have a router table and that's how I gave each leg the smooth shape.

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