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Project Title: maze board
Designer: Thechuck21
Project Source: Carbide Create
Project udpated: 05/02/2019

This project contains Vectric files. To find out more about vectric, click here


I secured the MDF to the spoil board using masking tape and super glue. I then cut out the hand hold, outside profile, and pocket for the Plexiglas using a .25 inch endmill 201 from Carbide 3D.

I then switched to a .125 straight flute endmill from home depot to cut out the maze path. Next I switched to a 1/8 inch roundover router bit that had a .5 inch bearing on it that I removed and ground off the piece that holds the bearing in place. with the roundover bit set up as a .5 inch endmill.

I did an inside pass for the handle and an outside pass for the profile of the board at .125 inch depth to round the top edges. I then offset the Plexiglas pocket inside by .002 inches and cut out the Plexiglas with a 1/16 inch endmill to cut the corners as tight as possible then filed them slightly to fit. I put 10 glow in the dark airsoft BB's inside and used super glue to attach the Plexiglas to the board.

Maze pattern from online Maze generator.

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