Shapeoko 3 Tramming Guide

Project By: Mr*Beaver

A simple accessory to allow for tramming your spindle using Eccentric nuts


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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As many will know it’s a pain in the bum to get to the screws of the rear spindle mount - then adjust them, back and forth etc.

The shapeoko has a great way of dealing with tram but it’s not actually called tram in this instance - it’s track tension. So what happens when you pull their track tension method and apply it to a different design?

There is a design for a rear mounted spindle plate - this fixes to 4 M5 mounting screws on the carriage plate. Now there are 2 ways you can tackle it - lob 4 screws in and adjust as you see fit - really boring and whilst slightly better than the stock way as it’s front mounted it’s not inspiring.

The other way is to put 2 screws with eccentric nuts in the top 2 holes. Now this won’t work if they are round as they would pull in opposite directions. However by extending the holes to be elongated this allows the mount to move a couple of ml in either direction by a couple of mm

You can now raise or lower either side which will allow you tram left and right.

You can then fit the other 2 screws in the bottom holes and tighten locking it in situ - then tighten the first two fully if required. Forward/backward tram would still have to be done with shims.

This will work on any shapeoko but you will need to drill some holes in your font plate - there is space.


I can't wait to try this! Looks easier than using strips of tin foil. ;-) What and where info on the nuts?

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