Oak Ball Maze

Project By: edwardrford

hard shapeoko3 games toys puzzle kids fun oak acrylic maze toy

Simple oak maze made in Carbide Create, maze generated from mazegenerator.net


Type Length Width Thickness Origin
Name Type Tool Feedrate Plungerate Cut Depth

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Hello, I tried to cut this out on a piece of oak. When the maze path was cut, the whole depth was cut at once and the inner walls were torn out and chipped away. Any suggestions?

I had a similar problem. The maze path was ratty and broke the walls. I changed to a brand new bit and it worked very well. I had used the old one until it was burned on the tip so probably about time. However about 90% of the way thru the maze cut, my belt on the Z axis began to slip on the deep plunges. I have to wonder if the maze path should be done in a few shallower cuts rather than one very deep one.

How do you turn the maze generator file into walls that have a thickness rather than just a line?

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