Push Stick

Project By: CommonwealthCreations

push-stick table-saw safety shapeoko

It's a push stick for a table saw. It's cut from 3/4" plywood. Measure 7 3/4" x 12". Cut using a 1/4" flat endmill bit.

Note: I had to use my bandsaw to cut a 90 degree where the push stick 'pushes' the material. Leaving that area rounded over is not a good idea.

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    Thanks for the plans! Made one for my buddy and myself!

    Any easy way to change the name from Dave's to Mike's? Im new to this also. Please help.

    There is no text in the file. If you want text you will need to go into the file and add it yourself. I just did this.

    Mike, did you ever figure it out? Send me a DM on IG if you need further assistance.

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