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Get into Designing for CNC by downloading Carbide Create and making your first project. Design a tool, a trinket, or even a sign. Then make your project on your own CNC machine!

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After you have vetted your own design, take lots of pictures then upload the project to this site. You'll need your Carbide Create file and a picture of the finished design.

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The number of uploaded projects is growing every day! Check out all the incredible designs the comunity has uploaded, find one that inspires you, then make it!


CutRocket is Carbide 3D's site dedicated to sharing and exploring projects for your CNC machine.

In 2017 we released Carbide Create to everyone as a free cross-platform CAD/CAM program. Although we wrote the software for our machines, it truly is a professional package for anyone to use.

This site takes advantage of our software format and reads in much of the information that previously made it difficult to share and collaborate with CNC projects.

With collaboration in mind, all designs uploaded are licensed under Public Domain (CC0). We hope that by openly sharing our designs, we can help others get into CNC with less of a struggle.